The New Year has arrived and, with it, come new trends in tourism. We’ve already written about the upcoming festivities in 2018 but today, we wanted to inform you of the latest trends that will appear this year for business travelers.


Relaxation and retreat from the noise of the world was one of the most in-demand requirements in 2017 and it’s going to increase in 2018. It is also an objective for 40% of business travelers for the New Year, together with stays in health resorts and spas.


One of every four professionals (25%) admits to being stressed about timings, managing the travel itinerary and organizing job meetings. Professional organization and management is going to be in high demand in 2018.


London, Barcelona and Berlin are the first three places on the Top 10 in demand destinations list in Europe, as written by American Express Meetings & Events (presented last month at the IBTM World Fair, in Barcelona). After these 3 in the list are Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Roma, Munich and Prague.

Social Media

In 2018, the millennial travelers will connect their social media accounts to their travel bookings to take advantage of this exposure by publishing photos and information of their travels. We will accept more advice about destinations from official accounts and look for more information about hotels, cities’ highlights and venues on the Internet.


Travelers increasingly want to get active and really immerse themselves in the culture of their destinations, not just see them from the inside of a bus. Riding bikes, hiking and discovering the native culture are becoming more and more popular.