It’s time to think about 2018: calendars, plans, travels and New Year’s resolutions! In Spain and Portugal, we will be celebrating plenty, and you can join us. Today we wanted to share with you some of the traditional celebrations of the two countries, to at least help you with your New Year travel plans!


The Fallas,

A UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity party with 5 DAYS of celebrations in the streets. Explosions from fireworks and horns can be heard all day long, all coming from the streets. Crews of artists, artisans, sculptures and painters spend months elaborating their ninots or fallas, made of paper and wax to create their iconic towering sculptures.

Arraial do Monte,

Or mountain verbena, is the biggest party on the island of Madeira, with a big celebration of Senhora Do Monte. It takes place during August in the famous Monte’s Church, where family and friends meet to dance, sing, eat and drink during the night. It is traditional that the next day there is a procession where all of Senhora Do Monte’s pilgrims gather for blessing.

April’s fair,

Which is celebrated after the Holy Week, normally takes place sometime between the first week of April and the beginning of May. This party is taken as a tribute of sorts to the arrival of spring. The experience is one that draws more than a million participants, local and international. Officially opening at midnight, crowds flock to the ceremonial switching-on of the lights which signals the beginning of party time!

Madeira Flower Festival,

Allows you to enjoy the spring days and floral glories of Madeira, when people fill the streets with flowers and sculptures. They even put on a flower market so you can enjoy these flowers for yourself! There’s also a big parade on the Sunday of the festival, with floral floats and groups of party goers dressed to the nines in traditional outfits.

Tenerife’s Carnival,

With contests for adults and children comparsas, lyrical and musical groups, rondallas (string ensembles), the Queen of the Elderly, the Child Queen, Song of Laughter and adult and children’s murgas. This is another continuous street party, full of disguises, food, drinks and music.  The queen is responsible for representing the carnival at tourism fairs as an ambassador for the Canary Islands.


Of course, Spain and Portugal are two countries rich in culture and celebrations, stay tuned for upcoming recommendations. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy them with us!