Last year, a ComRes survey revealed that, in UK, a 35% of the people asked, wanted to lose weight, a 33% wanted to get in shape and a 31% aimed to cook healthier, while a 63% of the surveyed people, recognized to fail in their goals. The main key to achieve them, is being realistic, not to over press oneself and maintain yourself consistent day by day.

From Cititravel, we know sometimes, it is difficult to achieve the New Year’s purposes, so we have outlined which are the most common people´s goals each year:

– Earn money and control personal finances.

Planning in advance which are the expenses we may be having for the next year is one of the most popular goals proposed for the New Year.

– Lose weight and keep fit.

Especially during the first months of the year, people want to lose the weight gained during the holidays and to keep fit for the rest of the year.

– Stop smoking.

The king of the New Year’s resolutions. The end of the holidays and the start of a new year, is always a time to reconsider some aspects of our life, and tobacco is one of the “bad habits” most of the people want to change/quit…


How to achieve your New Year’s goals.


01. Positive statements.

Our brain focuses in what we prefer to think of, so we will feel more attracted to those thoughts oriented to what we want or expect, instead of those that we don’t really hope for. A good method is trying to train yourself to vision your goal in a positive way, for example… instead of: “I don´t have to spend my money in things I don’t need”, why not:  “I have to save money”.

02. Keep your purposes under control.

Our objectives must depend on us, not on other people.

03. Divide big objectives, better in small and achievable ones.

People usually try to achieve big projects, instead of small and more feasible ones… the energy needs to be maintained more than just the first month of the year… so, try to divide your final resolutions in small tasks to do every day, and step by step.

04. Help yourself with technology.

Mobiles devices are here to help us. There are a lot of apps prepared to count the days you haven’t smoked, or the kilometers you do in a running morning routine. To help you earn money, we recommend a financial app: Fintonic, which will help you knowing how to operate your finances.


Remember that the key of success is to be realistic, not to set big goals and decide which are the ones that we want the most. Starting with a lot of resolutions, may be confusing and demoralizing, so it’s better to start with only one and a small objective, and when achieved with time and perseverance, then go for more and bigger ones!