For business executives, traveling is very much part of the job. While business trips are frequent, it can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet while travelling. Don’t worry! It doesn’t matter if we have to break the rules for a few days; after all, enjoyment is a must for business travelers. Even so, you can set yourself up for success by following these healthy eating tips:

1. Drink up.

Especially during flights, this will keep you awake and prepared for all the activities upon landing. It also counteracts the dry airplane environment and dehydration from any alcohol you might be consuming.

2. Don’t get too hungry.

When you’re hungry, it’s hard to resist a cheeseburger. Make plans for your next meal before you get too hungry, and munch on a high-protein snack if mealtime is too far away.

3. Pack your own snacks.

Also during the flight, healthy snacks are useful so you don’t have to resort to foods like crisps and candy bars.

4. Have a complete breakfast.

Don’t consume only a coffee if you’re going to travel. Carry your own protein to have on the flight.

5. Avoid fast food.

As a rule, try to look for best options.

Don’t forget to drink coffee, tea and water during meetings instead of high-sugar or artificially sweetened soft drinks and fruit drinks. If you suffer from jetlag, try to sleep well before travelling and try to keep awake and active during the daytime. These healthy habits will help your efficiency and will allow you to enjoy more the travel.