Andalusia COVID-19 travel insurance

January 2021

2021 starts off with good news for our destinations Malaga and Seville: our regional government Junta de Andalucía has announced that during 2021 all international visitors coming to the autonomous community of Andalucía (southern Spain), will have a free complementary COVID-19 insurance!


Complementary COVID-19 Travel insurance for Tourists

The Junta de Andalucía developed this insurance together with Europ Assistance. It concerns a complementary travel assistance insurance for tourists (non-residents) who travel to the Autonomous region of Andalusia, during the whole year of 2021. The purpose of the insurance is to provide cover for COVID-19, in addition to the coverage that each individual already has (your own personal insurance will apply first). Furthermore, the insurance only provides coverage in the case of infection with COVID-19 (no other scenarios will be covered). Nevertheless, it means that medical expenses or repatriation related to Covid-19 are included.

Number one requirement is to have an officially recognized establishment with an irrefutable booking* during your stay, which will this way indicate the period of coverage of the insurance.

*This can be a hotel, tourist apartment, guesthouse, or even camp sites and country lodges.

Details & Coverage

Some of the most important elements of the “International Travel Insurance of Andalusia” are listed below:

  • The insurance will be valid from January 1 to December 31, 2021.
  • This insurance is available to all international travellers to Andalusia (non-residents).
  • It is a free insurance with Covid-19 coverage for stays in any type of regulated establishment in Andalusia.
  • It includes medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses with a maximum of € 4,000.
  • It also includes medical expenses for transportation and repatriation.
  • It includes the costs of prolonging the stay at the hotel (in case necessary) of the insured and the companions

IMPORTANT: Any circumstances known by the insured person prior to commencement of travel are of course excluded.


Documents (download  by clicking below)

Please find herewith the official documents explaining in detail the coverage and conditions of the insurance:

COVID-19 insurance Andalusia
General terms & Conditions COVID-19 insurance Andalusia

Source: Information provided by the Official Andalusia tourism website

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