Top 5 autumn activities in southern Spain

autumn acitvities

Since maintaining social distance is a serious subject nowadays, we cannot deny the importance of including enough outdoor activities in the future events. There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sunny weather of Andalusia (southern Spain), then outside in the fresh air. And frankly, the best way to really get to know southern Spain is literally to go “out there”, to enjoy nature, taste the local products and see the wonders of this diverse area of Spain. Cititravel DMC is your local guide to help you when it comes to all kinds of events in this area: whether you have to organize a small group incentive, a meeting trip or big conferences: EVERY EVENT NEEDS A FUN ELEMENT! Therefore, we have selected a top 5 of favourite autumn activities that perfectly fit into the protocol of the new normal here in Spain.

1. The King’s walk – Caminito del Rey

Those who have googled Málaga region, will without doubt come across the “Caminito del Rey”. This famous Path is located in the proximity of the towns of Ardales and Álora (Málaga province), an area with mountains, gorges, reservoirs and valleys. The path was named after a visit from King Alfonso XIII, who came to inaugurate the hydroelectric power station at El Chorro; a great engineering project to provide Málaga with power and water. The king himself walked over the  boardwalks the workers used, and since then path is called “King’s path”. The walk has a total length of 7.7 km, making it completely accessible for the non-experienced hiker as well (not too demanding). The route is linear, meaning you will start at one point and finish somewhere else. The total time to finish the route is three to four hours. The most impressive part of it are the boardwalks: with views on the deep rock walls below, this is not the place for people afraid of heights! But those who dare will be excited to finish the walk by crossing the hanging footbridge with amazing views. After such an impressive walk, we settle you down for a nice local lunch, enjoying the natural surroundings. The walk can be done in small groups with a guide, maintain distance between people.

2. Discover the stone formations of “Torcal” Natural Park

An area that is not automatically related to the sunny Costa del Sol is “Torcal natural Park”. About an hour drive from Málaga by coach, we encounter a geographical area of limestone formations that were once covered by sea. We take you on a guided walk among the giant stone formations and flower covered valleys, with licensed instructors of course, enjoying the fresh mountain air (1,100 metres above sea level). Depending on the physical conditions of your guests, different routes can be chosen. Each guest will be able to maintain the social distance and a personal picnic can be arranged for lunch. At the foot of the Torcal area, we encounter the town of Antequera, known for its spires of her many churches and the walls and towers of the great Moorish fortress silhouetted against the sky.

3. Witness the process of olive harvesting

Did you know Spain is the largest country producer of olive oil, with 50% of worldwide production? Reason enough to learn about this product during your event in southern Spain. Andalucía has been exporting olive oil for centuries, even in Roman times, this liquid gold (4 million gallons a year!) was transported all the way to Rome. In the months October- February the olive harvest takes place, the perfect moment for you to witness how Spain’s famous olive oil is made. Guest will discover the history, the production process, and the benefits of the jewel crown in Spanish gastronomy. We take you to a farm of 26 hectares producing organic olive oil, with a lot of space, which is great for events, even more since you can mantain the required social distance. First, guests will have a guided tour along the farm, after which a tasting of organic oils is arranged, where guests will learn how to differentiate between a soft oil and an intense oil (100% hojiblanca). Of course we can complement your visit with a nice on-site lunch or even Show-cooking paella.

4. Taste organic wines in Ronda

Attention Wine lovers! Another great autumn activity here – an absolute favourite one of our team from the Costa del Sol: visiting an “ecologically-sound Bodega” in Ronda, situated in the stunning mountain range the Serrania de Ronda. This place is on one hand close to the bustling Costa del Sol (so within your reach if you’re staying in Marbella or Malaga), yet remote in its tranquil, amazing setting. We’ll take you on a tour around the vineyard and guests will learn about the different varieties of grapes, methods of cultivation and the wine that is subsequently produced. And then it is time to taste the wines! Of course, this will make you hungry, so what better than having a countryside lunch at the vineyard, surrounded by nature and fresh air? Of course, a visit can be enhanced by choosing a different way of transport: apart from comfortable coach seaters, perhaps you prefer a jeep tour, or a helicopter ride for the ultimate VIP experience!

5. Learn how to cut Iberian Ham

Apart from olive oil and paella, another very known local product is Spanish ham. You might have tried the delicious Iberian ham, but have you ever managed the technique to cut it properly? This is no easy task! But with this masterclass, you will be able to do so! We will teach the guests how to cut a ham in direct and they will taste the different parts. The activity includes different types of ham (Serrano, Iberian, Iberian acorn), as well as a glass of cava or dry sherry to accompany and praise this Iberian delicacy. Furthermore, participants Will learn about the Iberian ham production process, e.g. history, habitat, special diets, differences between Iberian ham types, etc. Once you mastered the art of ham cutting, you can impress family and friends at home during a Christmas dinner for example, cutting your own Spanish ham!

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10 Awesome things to do in & around Málaga (Spain)

Today we give you an insight in the 10 unique things Malaga and its surroundings have to offer you, as there are many special things you can only do here…

Málaga offers gastronomy, outdoor possibilities, culture, history, and a cosmopolitan ambiance! In other words: perfect for a 2 or 3-day incentive, in which the essence of the Andalusian city and it surroundings will be discovered.


Sardine-skewers: a local specialty

We arrange a so-called “Espetos” (sardine-skewers) workshop, a completely authentic and original activity, where guests learn about local fisherman’s traditions and they can enjoy the result afterwards! How about cycling towards the fisherman district  and enjoying a sea-side lunch afterwards?


Discover the wines of the Málaga

Málaga is the place to be for wine-lovers, counting with over 45 wine cellars and a total of 265 denominations of origin. grape varieties such as Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel are found here. But also a bit further into the province, in the Serrania de Ronda, we find great vineyards to visit and enjoy a tasting! 


Caviar Experience

Only a 1-hour drive away from Málaga we encounter the only European sturgeon farm with organic certification for caviar. Apart from seeing the facilities and learning about the fish, you will try some real caviar with some refreshing Spanish cava after the visit! 


Nerja Caves

Sometimes you have to dig deep to see the wonders of the earth: at the Nerja caves ( a 45-minute drive from Málaga), you can find the biggest stalactite; it has a total length of 32 meters and has held its place in the Guinness book of world records since 1989. 


The best Malaga restaurants

Málaga province has 5 Michelin Stars distributed in 4 restaurants, one of them in Málaga’s renewed port area Muelle Uno, at walking distance from the city centre. Looking for a truly fancy dining option? We’d love to give you some fine dining options!


Frigiliana: a white village

Let’s dive into its small streets of this typical Andalusian white-washed village, located about 50 km East of Málaga. Discover Frigiliana’s history by the many ceramic plaques on the walls and taste local products such as the sweet Málaga wine, local honey or dates.


Torcal de Antequera

Located at 1 hour from Málaga, we encounter this geological sculpture garden full of limestone rocks which have developed into unique forms. How about a guided walk among the giant stone formations, which were once submerged by the sea? With licensed instructors, you will conduct a hiking route and this way get to know this natural and historic site of Málaga province!


Cultural experience

Málaga is the second city of Spain with most museums: with 37 museums, visitors can choose between Picasso, Pompidou or Thyssen, and of course some more unknown options such as the Glass museum which is definitely worth a visit! Museums can also be a great location for your event! Imagine having a cocktail while being surrounded by art – this will certainly add an extra touch!


Calle Larios

Calle Larios is the main street of the historical city centre. It is a pedestrian street, making shopping a very relaxed experience. It’s furthermore the 5th most expensive comercial Street of Spain! How about a guided walk trough the city, followed by some “shopping time” for everyone to enjoy? Sounds like a perfect plan for summer afternoon!


Caminito del rey

The “King’s path”is a unique walking path with breath-taking views of the area, about 60 km from Málaga city.  The walk itself will take around 3-4 hours in total (around 7,7 km), during which you will walk on boardwalks and even cross a hanging bridge just before the end of the trail. Ideal for adrenaline-lovers, but not for those afraid of heights 😉!

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