10 Awesome things to do in & around Málaga (Spain)

Today we give you an insight in the 10 unique things Malaga and its surroundings have to offer you, as there are many special things you can only do here…

Málaga offers gastronomy, outdoor possibilities, culture, history, and a cosmopolitan ambiance! In other words: perfect for a 2 or 3-day incentive, in which the essence of the Andalusian city and it surroundings will be discovered.


Sardine-skewers: a local specialty

We arrange a so-called “Espetos” (sardine-skewers) workshop, a completely authentic and original activity, where guests learn about local fisherman’s traditions and they can enjoy the result afterwards! How about cycling towards the fisherman district  and enjoying a sea-side lunch afterwards?


Discover the wines of the Málaga

Málaga is the place to be for wine-lovers, counting with over 45 wine cellars and a total of 265 denominations of origin. grape varieties such as Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel are found here. But also a bit further into the province, in the Serrania de Ronda, we find great vineyards to visit and enjoy a tasting! 


Caviar Experience

Only a 1-hour drive away from Málaga we encounter the only European sturgeon farm with organic certification for caviar. Apart from seeing the facilities and learning about the fish, you will try some real caviar with some refreshing Spanish cava after the visit! 


Nerja Caves

Sometimes you have to dig deep to see the wonders of the earth: at the Nerja caves ( a 45-minute drive from Málaga), you can find the biggest stalactite; it has a total length of 32 meters and has held its place in the Guinness book of world records since 1989. 


The best Malaga restaurants

Málaga province has 5 Michelin Stars distributed in 4 restaurants, one of them in Málaga’s renewed port area Muelle Uno, at walking distance from the city centre. Looking for a truly fancy dining option? We’d love to give you some fine dining options!


Frigiliana: a white village

Let’s dive into its small streets of this typical Andalusian white-washed village, located about 50 km East of Málaga. Discover Frigiliana’s history by the many ceramic plaques on the walls and taste local products such as the sweet Málaga wine, local honey or dates.


Torcal de Antequera

Located at 1 hour from Málaga, we encounter this geological sculpture garden full of limestone rocks which have developed into unique forms. How about a guided walk among the giant stone formations, which were once submerged by the sea? With licensed instructors, you will conduct a hiking route and this way get to know this natural and historic site of Málaga province!


Cultural experience

Málaga is the second city of Spain with most museums: with 37 museums, visitors can choose between Picasso, Pompidou or Thyssen, and of course some more unknown options such as the Glass museum which is definitely worth a visit! Museums can also be a great location for your event! Imagine having a cocktail while being surrounded by art – this will certainly add an extra touch!


Calle Larios

Calle Larios is the main street of the historical city centre. It is a pedestrian street, making shopping a very relaxed experience. It’s furthermore the 5th most expensive comercial Street of Spain! How about a guided walk trough the city, followed by some “shopping time” for everyone to enjoy? Sounds like a perfect plan for summer afternoon!


Caminito del rey

The “King’s path”is a unique walking path with breath-taking views of the area, about 60 km from Málaga city.  The walk itself will take around 3-4 hours in total (around 7,7 km), during which you will walk on boardwalks and even cross a hanging bridge just before the end of the trail. Ideal for adrenaline-lovers, but not for those afraid of heights 😉!

Interested in organizing your incentive event here at the Costa del Sol, with one or more of the activities as described above? Get in touch with our team and we’ll design a tailor-made incentive event to experience the vibe of southern Spain

Contact us at agp@cititravel.es for a personalized quote!  

Digitalization as a business process.

Digitalization as a process (instead of as an objective) needs from change attitudes and continue adaptation, which includes getting out of the comfort zone, looking for new opportunities. The key for a digital organization is to see the digital conversion as an opportunity to combine practices which may result new techniques and skills.

  • Digital conversion generates new experiences for the customer.
  • It improves the operating efficiency.
  • It generates new source of income.
  • Quick answer against trade changes.
  • It creates a competitive advantage.
  • It boosts culture of innovation inside the organization.
  • It improves the intern collaboration.
  • Big Data in-depth inquiry.

Customer’s experience predominate above the traditional values and places technology, especially software, as the key and main item on a business model. As a study made by Salesforce (a company specialized in administration based in relationship with costumers) says, 70% of clients expect brands to understand and anticipate their needs.


Make yourself visible. Use technology to come forward through every available platform that nowadays exists. The purpose is to be connected every time and on every moment, wherever your company may need it. This task is also beneficial for your clients: it’s going to open a communication channel opened on each directions, making possible to know how he customer is feeling about your actions and values and redirecting them in the good point.


Feel the client’s place. Be concern about your client’s needs, know him, and invest on what they care about. Do you what are your clients waiting from your company? Or how high are they satisfaction feeling about you? Do an in-depth research and use these information to start a responsive technological change.


Think in the long-term. The digital challenge will not end only adopting new systems and processes. Technology is alive and it will be developing year by year and decade by decade. The best way to assume this project is to establish a long-term strategy, simplify it in smaller and measurable processes and monitor it in order to redirect possible fails, following the same way all the time.


Involve your team. It’s obvious that a company works better with their employees implication, so it’s important to involve them on the digital process, to ensure it works from each instance and departments.


Corporate Events – How to organise them, and why?

Meetings and events for corporate teams provides the company the chance to reflect their brand values and allows employees to not only experience new environments but also bond as a team. It’s important to consider too that building relationships with consumers needs to go beyond emails and social media interaction. Below are some tips on running a professional, efficient, and in some cases, perfect event:



Booking a venue in an area with a vibrant atmosphere is vital. Ensuring that your guests are excited and comfortable is key in ensuring a good attendance. Details are important too: local vendors for catering needs, various rentals etc.


Decide which type of event is the best to resonate with your intended audience. Try to do something fun, memorable and entertaining. Perhaps include a famous speaker or try something new or exclusive for the first time. The options are unlimited!

Invest wisely

Determining early the best way to invest your money for an event is important. Perhaps decoration is the most important, perhaps it is the speaker or perhaps it is the entertainment. One thing is for sure; don’t skimp on food and drink. You should treat your audience like valuable members of your team or consumers (it depends on the target you have chosen) and build a connection based on respect and consideration.


In today’s age, there are a lot of methods available to generate knowledge about your company and your event. Promote on social media and allow your team to spread the word.

Tourism Trends for 2018.

The New Year has arrived and, with it, come new trends in tourism. We’ve already written about the upcoming festivities in 2018 but today, we wanted to inform you of the latest trends that will appear this year for business travelers.


Relaxation and retreat from the noise of the world was one of the most in-demand requirements in 2017 and it’s going to increase in 2018. It is also an objective for 40% of business travelers for the New Year, together with stays in health resorts and spas.


One of every four professionals (25%) admits to being stressed about timings, managing the travel itinerary and organizing job meetings. Professional organization and management is going to be in high demand in 2018.


London, Barcelona and Berlin are the first three places on the Top 10 in demand destinations list in Europe, as written by American Express Meetings & Events (presented last month at the IBTM World Fair, in Barcelona). After these 3 in the list are Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Roma, Munich and Prague.

Social Media

In 2018, the millennial travelers will connect their social media accounts to their travel bookings to take advantage of this exposure by publishing photos and information of their travels. We will accept more advice about destinations from official accounts and look for more information about hotels, cities’ highlights and venues on the Internet.


Travelers increasingly want to get active and really immerse themselves in the culture of their destinations, not just see them from the inside of a bus. Riding bikes, hiking and discovering the native culture are becoming more and more popular.

New Year’s resolutions and how to achieve them.

Last year, a ComRes survey revealed that, in UK, a 35% of the people asked, wanted to lose weight, a 33% wanted to get in shape and a 31% aimed to cook healthier, while a 63% of the surveyed people, recognized to fail in their goals. The main key to achieve them, is being realistic, not to over press oneself and maintain yourself consistent day by day.

From Cititravel, we know sometimes, it is difficult to achieve the New Year’s purposes, so we have outlined which are the most common people´s goals each year:

– Earn money and control personal finances.

Planning in advance which are the expenses we may be having for the next year is one of the most popular goals proposed for the New Year.

– Lose weight and keep fit.

Especially during the first months of the year, people want to lose the weight gained during the holidays and to keep fit for the rest of the year.

– Stop smoking.

The king of the New Year’s resolutions. The end of the holidays and the start of a new year, is always a time to reconsider some aspects of our life, and tobacco is one of the “bad habits” most of the people want to change/quit…


How to achieve your New Year’s goals.


01. Positive statements.

Our brain focuses in what we prefer to think of, so we will feel more attracted to those thoughts oriented to what we want or expect, instead of those that we don’t really hope for. A good method is trying to train yourself to vision your goal in a positive way, for example… instead of: “I don´t have to spend my money in things I don’t need”, why not:  “I have to save money”.

02. Keep your purposes under control.

Our objectives must depend on us, not on other people.

03. Divide big objectives, better in small and achievable ones.

People usually try to achieve big projects, instead of small and more feasible ones… the energy needs to be maintained more than just the first month of the year… so, try to divide your final resolutions in small tasks to do every day, and step by step.

04. Help yourself with technology.

Mobiles devices are here to help us. There are a lot of apps prepared to count the days you haven’t smoked, or the kilometers you do in a running morning routine. To help you earn money, we recommend a financial app: Fintonic, which will help you knowing how to operate your finances.


Remember that the key of success is to be realistic, not to set big goals and decide which are the ones that we want the most. Starting with a lot of resolutions, may be confusing and demoralizing, so it’s better to start with only one and a small objective, and when achieved with time and perseverance, then go for more and bigger ones!

How to stay focused at work during Christmas holidays.

It’s Chistmas time! How to balance shopping, hosting, planning, partying and traveling with work during Christmas? It’s a good time to prove to yourself that you can focus and not lose the focus in the office.


If you DO have to manage your focus at work, try to have realistic expectations and to prioritise your important and urgent tasks.


It’s important to keep yourself focused at work prior to your Christmas holidays, it will let you enjoy your free time and in turn, you will be ready to start the New Year with more energy!


In order to keep on top of your busy Christmas period, it is vital to schedule your activity at work and outside of work.

4.Personal tasks.

Plan, schedule and organize your time: try to prioritize tasks, even personal ones. It makes your holiday more joyful and energizes you to accomplish your goals in the New Year.

5.It’s Christmas!

Take time to do a little shopping or enjoy what makes you happy, after all, it is Christmas!


“There are so many competing demands and expectations during the holidays that it is very easy to get overwhelmed and even burn out”

Michael Kerr, international business speaker, author and president of Humor at Work.