Cititravel Portugal nominated for a World Travel Award!

Cititravel DMC has been nominated for ‘Portugal’s leading DMC 2018’ in the 2018 World Travel Awards.

For 25 years the World Travel Awards has served to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. With just under 2 months left to vote for the Europe awards, the WTA are expecting a record number of votes in 2018.

Cititravel Portugal is honoured to have received the nomination in recognition of their work to deliver events’ logistics across Portugal on behalf of clients from all over the world. The office, based in Lisbon, was established in January 2011 and has grown considerably since then. The director, Tara Purcell, has been with Cititravel for 18 years. Regarding the nomination she said “It is always a privilege to be recognised for our dedication, whether it is from clients or suppliers. We are immensely proud – it’s been a great team effort!”

Voting closes on the 20th May 2018 – to vote for Cititravel DMC as Portugal’s Leading DMC – Click on the image below!

Do you still not know the Costa del Sol?

Once again, from Cititravel we wanted to give you our Malaga and Costa del Sol’s highlights. Enjoy the city and the surrounding; visit Malaga, the place with 320 days of sun.


Malaga’s Cathedral

One of the Renaissance’s jewels resides Malaga city. History, faith and art are jointly demonstrated in the Malaga Incarnation’s Basilica and Saint Church. It dates back to the Mayor Mosque’s times and was constructed around 1487, when Malaga was conquered by Castilian armies. The north tower is about 87 meters high, making it the tallest cathedral in Andalusia. The south tower was never built and because of that, the cathedral was affectionately nicknamed as “La Manquita” (The little one-armed). Discovering the history and architectural style that shaped the project for years is only a part of its special charm. Stunning from the outside, the indoor is equally as breathtaking where a lot of curious stories are waiting to be told. For example, the first oval painting that is found at the beginning of the visit, which is over 10m in length, was completely painted in an elephant skin!



Malaga was found by the Phoenicians, who built a village near the hill where the Alcazaba is now located.  During the Roman times, Malaga was a confederated city of the empire. Used by Phoenicians and Romans, it was Nazaro’s King, Yusuf I in 1340, who turned this settlement into a fortress. In Arabic Jabal-Faruk, which in English means something along the lines of the “hill of the lighthouse”, you find the unassailable fortress, The Gibralfaro Castle. Two walls and eight towers protect The Alcazaba. There are some scenes from Scent of Mystery (directed by Mike Todd and starring by Elizabeth Taylor) that were recorded inside the Gibralfaro Castle in 1959.



Malaga’s Alcazaba is a castle and a fortress, built between 1057 and 1063 by the Muslims and under the King of Granada’s request. In Arabic, it means “citadel”.The little stories, personal details and years of history define part of the city. As a defensive system, it was considered unique and one of the best in history.Immediately under it one can find the Roman Theatre, the ancient archeological remains of Malaga.



Pablo Picasso was born in October of 1881, on the first floor of number 36 Merced Square, an area in downtown Malaga, an area well-known for visitors and locals, surrounded by a lot of casual bars and shops and only a few steps far from the main interesting city points. Picasso was supposedly breathing heavily when born and apparently, he was saved by his doctor cigar fumes. Malaga, as his home town, holds the Picasso Foundation, which invites visitors to enjoy his best work. It also includes the Picasso Museum as the projection’s core, with 285 projects united in a varied collection, with a lot of different styles and which is exhibited in the Buenavista Palace. This building, the Fine Arts Museum’s main site before, has had the National Monument category since 1939. Even the last detail related with Pablo Picasso holds high interest, both for the population of Malaga and for foreign visitors; the created universe around the painter’s figure never fails to leave anybody unmoved.


Malaga’s Museums

Picasso’s museum is not the only museum brimming with art in the city. There is also a Pompidou center, the first out of the city of Paris, with more than 90 pieces made by artists such as Miro, Marc Chagall or Francis Bacon. Visitors can also visit the Automobile Museum, located in the ancient tobacco factory, more than 90 vehicles from different stages of history such as Delage, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes are on display. These are some of the museums that can be visited in Malaga, without forgetting the Russian Museum or the Thyssen, centres that receive plenty of tourists all year round.


Costa del Sol: Beaches!

The Costa del Sol is more than 150 kilometers long along the Mediterranean Sea. Given its name for the 320+ days of sun it receives, the spread of beaches is a paradisiacal place to enjoy throughout year, with activities for all of the family.  From the beginning of Maro, through Nerja with its Europe’s balcón, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella or Estepona…The Costa del Sol is the ideal place to plan your holidays, where possibilities are unlimited. Each beach has its own attraction, some more peaceful, some more unspoiled, some with more advanced services; you will find your own paradise somewhere along the Costa. There’s a long stretch from Cadiz to Nerja which includes the biggest tourist attraction in Spain.

Digitalization as a business process.

Digitalization as a process (instead of as an objective) needs from change attitudes and continue adaptation, which includes getting out of the comfort zone, looking for new opportunities. The key for a digital organization is to see the digital conversion as an opportunity to combine practices which may result new techniques and skills.

  • Digital conversion generates new experiences for the customer.
  • It improves the operating efficiency.
  • It generates new source of income.
  • Quick answer against trade changes.
  • It creates a competitive advantage.
  • It boosts culture of innovation inside the organization.
  • It improves the intern collaboration.
  • Big Data in-depth inquiry.

Customer’s experience predominate above the traditional values and places technology, especially software, as the key and main item on a business model. As a study made by Salesforce (a company specialized in administration based in relationship with costumers) says, 70% of clients expect brands to understand and anticipate their needs.


Make yourself visible. Use technology to come forward through every available platform that nowadays exists. The purpose is to be connected every time and on every moment, wherever your company may need it. This task is also beneficial for your clients: it’s going to open a communication channel opened on each directions, making possible to know how he customer is feeling about your actions and values and redirecting them in the good point.


Feel the client’s place. Be concern about your client’s needs, know him, and invest on what they care about. Do you what are your clients waiting from your company? Or how high are they satisfaction feeling about you? Do an in-depth research and use these information to start a responsive technological change.


Think in the long-term. The digital challenge will not end only adopting new systems and processes. Technology is alive and it will be developing year by year and decade by decade. The best way to assume this project is to establish a long-term strategy, simplify it in smaller and measurable processes and monitor it in order to redirect possible fails, following the same way all the time.


Involve your team. It’s obvious that a company works better with their employees implication, so it’s important to involve them on the digital process, to ensure it works from each instance and departments.


Visiting Barcelona: 5 Places Not to Miss

Spain has a lot of charming places to visit and deciding where to go first is not an easy task, but today, we present 5 reasons why you simply cannot miss Barcelona. Urban areas, architectural heritage, leisure and museums are only few reasons to choose Catalonia for MICE travel, but the region also boasts hidden spaces that can only be discovered by taking a stroll. Discover the city’s top spots:


Rambles and Born.

Rambles Boulevard starts in Catalonia Square and finishes near the port, where there the Christopher Columbus statue stands tall, pointing out to the sea. The walk is surrounded by flowers, street actors, bars, restaurants and shops. There are some painters near the port area, which has become a cosmopolitan and artistic hub. The medieval neighborhood of El Born is now the center of new urban trends, a place to enjoy an avant-garde lifestyle while feeling the echoes of the past.


Sagrada Familia.

The Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s most famous silhouette, and each of its façades are a symbol created by the genius of Gaudí. One must consider that there are 4 different styles in their 4 façades, with each one giving different perspective of Gaudi’s creation. To give his building splendor and emphasis, he utilized light and color. This is all with the aim of depicting Jesus’ nativity and life story that is clear to see for visitors once they are in Barcelona. The evolution of the structure has already spanned 5 generations. Today, its construction continues. The project is each year visited by thousands of tourists and locals alike as each day can bring a surprise with a new development.


Montjuic con Mnac.

Montjuïc’s natural park is the best place to enjoy nature and culture together, as it is full of splendid gardens and cultural gems. In the mountains you can find Olympic facilities, where Olympic Games were hosted in 1992.


Passeig de Gracia.

A window to the XIX Century bourgeoisie, this elegant boulevard joins Catalonia Square with the neighborhood of Gracia. It is surrounded by modern Barcelona buildings which turn the avenue into an outdoor museum. Walking on the organic floor designed by Gaudi is as charming as the street lamps lighting the white mosaic covered benches. These architectural features go hand in hand with the most prestigious shops and businesses.



Fishermen were the first people to discover this area known as “Barceloneta”. It is a sailor neighborhood that was built in the XVIII century. But the Barceloneta neighborhood has changed a lot since then, now a cosmopolitan area, full of bars coffees and life, with music being played both day and night. It appeals to all senses with the colours of the clothes hanging outdoors, the murmur of the waves, the smell of the sea and the salty taste.

Corporate Events – How to organise them, and why?

Meetings and events for corporate teams provides the company the chance to reflect their brand values and allows employees to not only experience new environments but also bond as a team. It’s important to consider too that building relationships with consumers needs to go beyond emails and social media interaction. Below are some tips on running a professional, efficient, and in some cases, perfect event:



Booking a venue in an area with a vibrant atmosphere is vital. Ensuring that your guests are excited and comfortable is key in ensuring a good attendance. Details are important too: local vendors for catering needs, various rentals etc.


Decide which type of event is the best to resonate with your intended audience. Try to do something fun, memorable and entertaining. Perhaps include a famous speaker or try something new or exclusive for the first time. The options are unlimited!

Invest wisely

Determining early the best way to invest your money for an event is important. Perhaps decoration is the most important, perhaps it is the speaker or perhaps it is the entertainment. One thing is for sure; don’t skimp on food and drink. You should treat your audience like valuable members of your team or consumers (it depends on the target you have chosen) and build a connection based on respect and consideration.


In today’s age, there are a lot of methods available to generate knowledge about your company and your event. Promote on social media and allow your team to spread the word.