Cititravel is proud to be the first DMC to offer a banker’s bond as an extra financial guarantee for an event. Cititravel offers this bond which guarantees all client deposits that are received and held by Cititravel in the lead-up to an event.


Dun & Bradstreet’s assessment of a company’s financial status is an internationally recognised benchmark. Cititravel has been included in Dun & Bradstreet’s Prestige Rating Book as one of Spain’s leading companies since 2002. This level of financial solidity also acts as a guarantee for our Portuguese operation.


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Cititravel explores ways of making a contribution to those in need in the local communities in the areas where are our offices are located. These initiatives take various forms and have ranged in the past from assistance in Barcelona with an organisation dedicated to helping socially excluded children in a deprived area of the city to providing clothing, bedding and other material to a hostel for the homeless run by volunteers in Malaga. Each year we identify causes in our local communities with which we feel we can make a significant contribution either with time, money or equipment and then we allocate an appropriate budget in order to achieve our objectives.

Health & Safety

Cititravel has taken on board the points regularly raised in our clients’ health and safety questionnaires and adapted them to ensure that due diligence is applied in selecting our suppliers to ensure that each of them meets all of the relevant health and safety regulations and that they are “fit for purpose”.

Green Issues

Cititravel is aware that its clients when planning events are looking to make their programmes as sustainable as possible and that implies all of the elements involved in the operation of an event however great or small. Within each Cititravel office recycling and energy saving policies have been introduced.

Emphasis is now being given to develop “green” activity programmes to offer to clients in the near future. We are also actively encouraging our suppliers to make their own operations as green as possible with some, especially hoteliers, making huge advances.

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